Corporate quality policy

The company aims at constant expansion of its activities in the world market, focusing on customer satisfaction and trying to exceed its own expectations. The company also promotes any action aimed at ensuring that its products and processes are not risky for the environment and for people's health and safety.

To this end, POLIS srl undertakes to:

  • identify the dangers deriving from the activities carried out, assessing in advance risks for personnel and environmental effects.
  • implement methodologies, interventions and adjustments aimed at preventing accidents, occupational illnesses and environmental pollution.
  • safeguard energy resources by avoiding waste.
  • enhance training, information and training activities, involving all operators, making them aware of their individual obligations and their responsibility in the field of safety, environment and customer's satisfaction.
  • keep up-to-date surveillance procedures aiming at constantly monitoring personnel's health and safety, significant environmental aspects and interventions in case of emergency.
  • develop innovative products, programs and objectives, counting on a trained and skilled staff, as well as on appropriate financial resources.
  • guarantee workers' rights and condemn the exploitation of child labor.
  • meet applicable requirements.
  • annually review the effectiveness of business processes, considering risks and opportunities, as well as the implementation of the Quality Management System and the Company Quality Policy, defining always new Improvement Objectives to be pursued.

The Management of POLIS srl

Quality is not a case, it is always the result of a smart collective effort where everyone's experiences must be made available to all.